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Iran National team members
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In the name of God



Wushu is the way of purifying body and the soul or even may be one step toward God! Yes a way to reach the almighty creator. Isn’t it that after we pass away our own selfishness and greed, hatred & …we reach God! So, can’t we call this dedication that a child, young student an adult put away all his pride and give his body and mind to his or her master to reach the highest value of humanity?

This dedication has just only two purposes:

First: for reaching the arrogance and pride or selfishness by being the best in what he want to be that it is dead end!

Second: For achieving high values of humanity and holiness.

May be the religion mater of this sport come away from the time that a great man for preaching his religion goes to shaolin and there he build the base and the foundation of wushu for helping the monks and this passion for education create a great spirit that today this art has spread all over the world and every person that see this art admire it at sight.

Peace be upon the soul of that great man that he emptied his body and mind from bad and evil with the help of love and dedication that create this family.

God bless all of the wushu family.


Yours truly

Master Ali & Mojtaba Rezaee

Iran National team members


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